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2019 PLAN


Background and Mission Statement

                  The Northeast Baseball Alliance (NEBA) is founded on the principle that well organized clubs seek timely solutions to problems of scheduling and competitive parity.  NEBA is an Alliance among like-minded member organizations.  The intent is to elevate the level of play for All member clubs in a cooperative, developmental, spirit of high level competition. 


2018 Objectives & Considerations

Continue NEBA as a competitive, development, turn-key solution for April and May game scheduling.  Our small alliance maintains communication among all members.  Specific objectives follow:


  • NEBA provides a scheduling solution for April and May for 13U and 14U teams.
  • Keep it small.  6 programs maximum.
  • Adhere to scheduling simplicity by virtue of scheduling a 4 game weekend with a single opponent.
  • Maintain flexibility for member clubs to participate in tournaments.
  • Preserve geographic, territorial integrity with balance in order to help each team be strong in its market.
  • Open doors to alternative end-of-year and summer tournament options.

13U & 14U NEBA League: April – June


13U Division:


  • 13U Division: Each program must field a team to honor the scheduling commitments of the 13U Division.
  • 13U Division rosters may include 14U (8th graders) only.
  • The primary objective is to get as many innings as possible for this Division
  • 13U Division schedule is a 4 game weekend, modified only between the opponents to address weather issues, or other prohibitions due to circumstances.


14U Division:


  • The 14U Division is an “optional” participatory schedule
  • Programs that field a 14U team with a full roster will follow the same schedule as 13U Division.
  • Options to the 14U Division schedule:
    • Programs that wish to play a 4 game series between 14U teams may do so.
    • Programs that wish to play SUNDAY ONLY at the 14U level may choose to do so.
    • Programs that wish to forego playing in the 14U Division may elect to pass.
    • Programs that “pass” on the 14U Division may include 14U (8th graders) on their 13U rosters.


2019 Member Organizations

                  The 2019 NEBA”Full” and “Associate” Members are listed below:


                   Full Members                                                      Associate (13U and some 14U)

    • Blue Jays (CT)                                                        CT Bombers
    • Boston Prospects                                                     South Troy Dodgers
    • Dugout Dawgs                                                       
    • Ocean State Makos                                                                  
    • Ruffnecks         
    • Team CT