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Supereast Baseball(SEB) was started in 1997 to allow players and teams the opportunity to gain maximum exposure while playing more games against quality competition in tournament, league play, and showcases. 

SEB understands the importance of the younger age levels in baseball.  Our focus is to create an environment where the player can have fun while learning the game during tournament and league play.  A competative environment with quality competion is vital for the development and growth for the younger aged baseball player.   All 10u thru 12u SEB events consist of real baseball fundamentals including leads and steeling while pitchers throw from the wind up and the stretch.   

Exposure and quality competition is vital for the high school baseball player within SEB.  Along with tournament and league play SEB has created multiple showcase opportunities for the players who compete in SEB events.  It is normal to see college coaches and/or pro scouts at SEB exposure events throughout the season. While SEB has never taken credit for a players success, it is known that the opportunities provided during SEB events definitely opens up doors in helping with the recruitment and exposure to college coaches and pro scouts.